Friday, December 11, 2009


Roman Polanski, as we speak, is free again.
Or rather he is under house arrest in his chalet in Switzerland where he has "entertained" young girls for years, according to The New Yorker.
Too bad. He never got what was coming to him.
I wish I could send him back in time to 1977 and lock him up in prison for two years.
I wish he'd been subjected to forced sex every day, where huge men would pat him on the cheeks and tell him how cute he was before they did to him what he did to that 13-year-old girl.
Maybe after two or three years he would get the point: Forcing yourself on children is not OK, no matter who you are, or how famous you are, or what else you have been through, or what you think.
It's a lesson he never seems to have learned.
Maybe it isn't too late.