Thursday, July 11, 2013


I tried to watch the much advertised and highly touted new FX series THE BRIDGE last night. 
The show presents itself as highly realistic. Indeed, it goes to great lengths to seem realistic, but then it gets hokey, unbelievable and heavy handed.
The first episode seemed to be written to manipulate the audience, not to be believable, or to develop story, or to reveal character, or to teach us about the real world of the border or the police.
In the show, the bad guys shut off the electricity for the whole international border. Very dramatic to see, but not remotely believable. Still, I kept watching. You can forgive one shovel full of BS.
Then they dump a body right on the border line? Why? No point that I can see, except to jack up the audience. Why not dump the body in the river, like everyone else? They want to make a big statement. OK. I kept watching.
The female detective won't let the ambulance through? Ridiculous. And heartless. The crime scene is a major highway. One more set of tires is not going to matter forensically.
The cop runs after the ambulance like a little kid? Wait, she is supposed to be a grownup homicide detective. What are we supposed to think, that she throws a childish fit when her authority is questioned? Does not make me admire her or want to keep watching.
That was it for me. I turned it off and stopped recording. Three (no, four) strikes and you're out.
Why not have pigs fly and elephants dancing a jig?
Because you lose the audience.
That's what happened to me here. 
It is very disappointing to see so much time and talent and effort expended on a show that is so ham-handed and hokey. I thought this was supposed to be the golden age of long-form TV. I don't see it here.
-- Roger  
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