Friday, January 22, 2010


Dear President Obama,

During the last presidential election, in 2008, I was an Obama telephone volunteer (in Los Angeles, on Motor Avenue). When we finished instruction, our trainer said, "Let's go change the world."

I still choke up when I say it. We were excited, thrilled, and charged up with the possibilities, and with our role in history. We dared hope for a better world. About 200 of us made, they told us, some 30,000 phone calls that morning, many of us on our own cell phones.

Apparently we didn't make as much difference as we thought. We helped you get elected. But where is that change?

Please stand up and do the right thing on healthcare (Medicare for all), on Iraq and Afghanistan (should have been police actions), on Latin America (combat drugs by legalizing them, controlling them, and shutting down the profit system; stop supporting dictators) and on the economy (get the Wall Street foxes out of the government henhouse).

If you don't, I may leave the Democratic Party and join the Greens. I believe thousands of Democrats may do the same. I would hate to jump ship. I've been a lifelong Democrat, and I believe in basic Democratic values.

Please, Mr. President, show some courage.
Let’s see that change we believed in.

Thank you.
Roger R. Angle