Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sarah Palin wrote on her FaceBook page that her son, who has Down Syndrome, might have to face a "death panel" under Obama's health plan.
What an obvious and hysterical fabrication.
Please, people, let's do everything we can to point out that this outrageous statement could not be true. It's like the Nazis telling the German people that the Jews were destroying their country. A very dangerous lie.

Take a look at the New York Times on this topic:

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Saturday, August 1, 2009


OK, it's been six months since Obama took office, and I haven't seen nirvana yet. The so-called "War On Terror" is still terrifying innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Americans are still dying. Gitmo is still functioning. And single-payer universal health coverage seems like a distant dream.
More and more, Barack sounds like George in foreign policy.
Change is slow a-coming.
What happened?
Politics, that's what.
Seems to me that Barack, being the smart politician that he is, is looking forward to the next election and trying to find a way to win again.
The dilemma is this: Do you go for it, and try to bring new policies into every arena all at once? Or do you look at the long haul, and figure you have got to keep winning elections to win the big battles?
It looks like Barack has taken the long view.
He's probably right, but I wish I loved him the way I used to.
Oh well, he's still a million times better than Bush and his band of cronies, sycophants, morons and war criminals.